San Diego, California

Remember when we were little and only had two school options – public or private? Well, say hello to my little friend, Charter School. High Tech is a series of project-based public charter schools that have no problem reinventing when things need to be refreshed. The lottery to get into this place is off the charts! In the studios, we freed the floors of ill performing carpet and replaced it with buffed concrete and cushions for the kid’s tushies.

In the gallery, we protected the projecting walls of the teachers’ offices with wood fencing to handle the ever-changing display of student work (love these 6th graders creepy crawlers, don’t you?). Meeting Room transformed to Media Room with the installation of an amoeba-shaped table/counter and extending the classroom into the hallway via a garage door that incorporate more students and encourages collaborative work. The orange wobble stools save space, promote balance and posture, and keep those fidgety kids moving and learning.