When I met Susie, a river of calmness washed over me. I wanted to become one of her pupils, sip her tea and eat her dry scone (she likes them a day old). You immediately feel at home when you’re with her; she brings out the best in you. This gift makes projects with skimpy budgets, magnified expectations and unique personalities turn out swimmingly! How ever does she do it?

Her sense of things reads like the Robert Fulghum book, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. Boiling things down to exactly what is needed to make things better, more sensible, more affordable while not compromising the end result is her forte.

Since childhood, she has traveled back and forth to Germany to visit family where she’s acquired a keen eye for high efficiency and European style. She went to school in the Bay area where she graduated both Cum Laude and on the Dean’s List (nerd alert!). She pays homage to Carrier Johnson + Culture, Tucci Segrete & Rosen and Maggetti Elam & Associates learning the realities of managing and balancing. She says the success of her projects (and in life) is because she “catches more bees with honey than with vinegar” – I chuckle inside at her mixed up idiom – it’s one of her traits that makes you like her even more.

• LEED AP ID+C (Accredited Professional Interior Design + Construction) • Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design, graduated Cum Laude, Deans List – San Francisco State University

Karyn and Susie

When I met Karyn, I thought to myself like Batman has been asked so many times “who are you?”. She had on no cape, no mask, no Wonder Women belt, but she had super powers! She spoke of design – architecture, product design, fashion design and interior design – like she was reading from a script.

Turn back the clocks to the 1970’s. When Karyn was a child, her mom said she created piles of detailed floor plans – already at age 10 she wanted to be an (interior) architect – she was determined to make her dream a reality! Fast forward to present day, she has almost 20 years of experience drawn from both the East and West Coast climbing her way up to lead designer for the likes of Delawie, Graham Downes Architecture, and Carrier Johnson + CULTURE working on a variety of project types from corporate to hospitality / entertainment and educational to residential. Her super powers (you may call them creative strengths) have led to several award-winning projects that are not only visually captivating but also functional and respectful to the project budget, and she has actively participated in all phases of the design process from concept to completion.

Now do you see her super powers?! Karyn once said to me, “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I “design” that defines me. Then she turned and leaped off the roof…okay, off the drafting stool, but it was a high stool.

• NCIDQ Certification #021949 • CID – Certified Interior Designer • Bachelor of Design with Highest Honors – University of Florida