Encinitas, California

Ring master announces “In this corner we have heavy weight champion, Mid-Century DESIGN, & in this corner we have a new comer to the ring, small CHILDREN! Who will win this epic battle?!”.

No battle – just better design! We created this haus for two little cutie pies who love crafting, displaying crafts, playing games, reading books, building & being near mom & dad. We also created this haus for two parents who love clean design, classic architecture, hate clutter, shun kitsch & are full time working doctors. Design & kid friendly can co-exist – introducing heavy textures, multi-color, natural materials, splashes of controlled color, Tom Dixon & Warner Platner for long term, IKEA & silly poufs for short term.

Are you a design lover with kids that are hyper, clumsy, messy, bounce from activity to activity, learning boundaries – bring it on! This haus is for kids too.