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I remember walking into a space & immediately feeling all those amazing things you feel when you’re HAVING AN EXTRAORDINARY DAY (like you just landed an amazing job or got the best news ever). I FELT PRODUCTIVE, proud, blissful, significant, (you pick a word) like I could change the world! Yeah, the space made me feel that good. I’ll never forget that feeling – it still fuels me today. YOU SHOULD FEEL LIKE THAT EVERYDAY IN YOUR SPACE… this is our job, our goal, our mission as an interior design studio.

WHY THE FUNNY NAME ”embrio” design studio? Well, because after 20 YEARS of INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE & having a no-nonsense family, we think it’s super important we START THE INTERIOR DESIGN PROCESS AT CONCEPTION – figuring out your exact goals, desired look, brand, budget & timeline. Great things are created when people ask the right questions & stop to actually listen. From this foundation, we spawn our collaboration of ideas creating REMARKABLE SPACES that are EFFICIENT & WORK BEAUTIFULLY FOR YOU!

We’d love to hear from you!

Susie St John, studio owner
interior designer
LEED ap id+c – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, GBCI #10313147

Formally co-owned by Susie St John & Karyn Sklar