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Sunshine in Switzerland
Alpine, California

The fairy tale begins in the mountains of Alpine, a city named after Switzerland, with unexpected landscaping nestled up against the Cleveland National Forest.

Our clients, home owners Julie Simper & Jim Mason, wanted their home to reflect their personal style & hired a team to remodel their custom 1970′s home. Although our clients lived on opposite sides of the globe (USA & Amsterdam) working with them was smooth thanks to technology, consistent communication & a few airplane rides.

The dark home transformed into a sunny modernized marvel. Walls that blocked forest views & closed off the kitchen were demolished, Solatube, skylights, enlarged windows & doors were installed to invite in sunshine, making the home feel more spacious & the guest bath & kitchen were reinvented. With Alpine being a sleepy town far away from any major city & the increase of residential construction costs, affordable contractor choices were sparse. For budget, it was our client who implemented the plans, coordinated with all the subcontractors & built the project in phases!

As our Dutch client would say “Bienvenue à la maison”, Welcome Home.